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Deltona Little League Volunteers
Deltona Little League encourages you to volunteer. The entire league is composed of volunteers who dedicate their time to youth, and the league thrives when many volunteers share the workload. If you would like to volunteer, contact a board member or sign up as a volunteer during the player registration process at the start of the spring or fall season.
To work with players, you must be approved by the board following the completion of a volunteer application. The application process includes a mandatory background check which requires a photo copy of your driver's license or state-issued ID card during the registration process. In addition, starting in 2024 and going forward there is an added requirement for our volunteers. Little League International and Deltona Little League take the safety of our players very seriously. All volunteers (managers, coaches, team parents, board members) must complete an online class for Abuse Awareness before working with the players. 

USA Baseball currently offers a FREE online abuse awareness training course.
Under the "education" tab at the top you select "courses" and then select "Abuse Awareness for Adults" (you will have to create an account).
Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion that you can print or download. Please forward a copy of the certificate to [email protected].
In addition to coaches and managers, the league always needs concession stand volunteers, scoreboard operators, umpires and clean-up crew members. High School students can earn their volunteer hours needed for graduation/scholarships. The DLL Board of Directors also seeks volunteers to serve on committees and as board members. These individuals help the league with special events, field maintenance and improvement, fundraising, special projects, scheduling of games and practices, uniform preparation and distribution and other tasks. If you are interested in joining our team, please send email to [email protected].

Listed below are some volunteer opportunities:

Being a Team Manager or Coach

Being a manager or coach requires time, patience, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball/softball/teeball. You will communicate with the parents/guardians of your players to inform them of any schedule changes, rainouts, and Little League events and activities.

Becoming a League Officer

League President

Presides at league meetings, and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the local league. The President receives all mail, supplies and other communications from Little League International. The President must see to it that the league personnel are properly briefed on all phases of rules, regulations, and policies of Little League. The league President is the contact between the local organization and Little League International.

Vice President

Presides in the absence of the President; works with other officers and committee members; is ex-officio member of all committees and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.


Maintains a register of members and directors; records the minutes of meetings; is responsible for sending out notice of meetings, issues, membership cards and maintains a record of the league’s activities.


Signs checks co-signed by another officer or director; dispenses league funds as approved by the board of directors; reports on the status of league funds; keeps local league books and financial records; prepares budgets and assumes the responsibility for all league finances.

Player Agent

Conducts annual tryouts and is in charge of player selection, assists President in checking birth records and eligibility of players; serves as a member of the board of directors of the local league an generally supervises and coordinates the transfer of players to or from the Minor Leagues according to the provisions of the regulations of Little League.

Safety Officer

Coordinates all safety activities; ensures the safety in player training; ensures safe playing conditions; coordinates reporting and prevention of injuries; solicits suggestions for making conditions safer, and reports suggestions to Little League International through the league President.

Internet/Information Officer

Manages the league’s official home page on active.com, manages the online registration process; assigns administrative rights to league volunteers and team; ensures that league news and scores are updated on a regular basis; collects, posts and distributes important information on league activities including direct dissemination of fund-raising and sponsor activities to Little League International, district, public, league members and media; serves as primary contact person for Little League and active.com regarding optimizing use of the Internet for league administration and for distributing information to league members and Little League.

Coaching Coordinator

Represents coaches/managers in league; presents a coach/manager training budget to the board; gains the support and funds necessary to implement a league-wide training program; orders and distributes training materials to players, coaches and managers; coordinates mini-clinics as necessary; serves as the contact person for Little League and its manager/coach education program for the league.

Field Maintenance Manager

Responsible for preparing fields for games including running tractor to grade infield and knowledge of field layout. Organize and maintain field equipment and supplies. 

Helping with Field Maintenance

Assist in maintaining the fields that your child plays on.  As a part of the field maintenance crew, your skills and abilities may be used to line fields, rake dirt, and execute minor repairs on fences, benches and bleachers.

Equipment Manager

Responsible for organizing, maintaining, issuing and keeping track of all player/coaching equipment.

Helping at Registration

Volunteers may be needed to make and distribute posters and flyers advertising the beginning of registration.  

Umpire in Chief
Provides umpire training, schedules all umpires for games, member of protest committee.

Being an Umpire

Aside from calling ball or strike, safe or out, umpires are responsible for teaching players good sportsmanship and the rules of the game. Umpires are also called upon to interpret rules and help settle minor disputes that may occur during games.

Most Little League games have one home plate umpire and a minimum of one field umpire. Before becoming a home plate umpire you may be required to participate in training sessions and seminars.

While home plate umpires are scheduled well in advance, field umpires are often determined minutes before the game begins. As you arrive at your child’s game, your coach or the home plate umpire may ask you to be the field umpire. When you agree, your main responsibilities are to call plays on the bases, determine if balls are fair or foul, and assist the home plate umpire with other calls.

Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager

Solicit and secure local sponsors, collect and review fundraising opportunities, organize and implement approved fundraising activities, maintain records of monies collected for fundraising and sponsors.

Fundraising Committee

This may require planning and attending meetings, organizing and participating in fundraising events, and managing and distributing funds. While an unlimited number of fundraisers using adults are permitted, only one fundraiser using players, in or out of uniform, is permitted per year.

Selling Concessions

Because all Little League playing facilities are different, the responsibilities of a concession stand volunteer vary by league. The job may simply involve standing behind a counter and filling orders, or it may require that you buy, prepare, transport and/or store various concessions.

Sponsorship Opportunites 

Deltona Little League is gearing up for what we hope to be another successful season of Baseball and Softball. We at Deltona Little League feel it is of the utmost importance to reach out to as many organizations and ask for a helping hand. Deltona Little League is a Non-Profit Community Organization, which strives to offer our young people an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons through organized team sports.

Deltona Little League is full of exceptional managers, coaches and, most importantly, children that dedicate a large amount of their time to practice on the field and preparing for games and eventually the State wide tournaments.  They have a safe haven here on our fields, where they can make friends, have fun, and learn the meaning of a team as well as necessary life lessons like responsibility.  As well as the time they spend on the playing field they dedicate their time to maintain high academic standards.  All of which is building strong young adults who surely will make a difference in our community.

So, once again, thank you for any financial assistance in helping make our league the best it can be. Any donation, large or small, really makes a difference in our children’s lives. More detailed information can be found on our Sponsorship page. If you would like to be a sponsor, please  send email to [email protected].

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